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Nicole Kidman The Undoing Series
Nicole Kidman The Undoing Series

Are you watching the new HBO thriller, ‘The Undoing’?The Undoing Outfits is a new psychological thriller drama series that revolves around a couple linked to the cold-blooded murder of a woman.

Are You Watching The New HBO Thriller, ‘The Undoing’?

The Undoing is an HBO drama series and has been rated as the top drama series of 2020. The drama stars the finest actors of our times, including the amazing Nicole Kidman, the handsome Hugh Grant, Noah Jupe, Donald Sutherland, Edgar Ramirez, and many more.Nicole Kidman Outfits

The Couple Is Too Perfect

The drama is about an elite class New York couple living in Manhattan. The couple is played by Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman, as Jonathan Fraser and Grace Fraser, respectively. They are both very successful in their jobs and can afford a very luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Grace works as a mental therapist, whereas, Jonathan is a pediatric oncologist. Their only son Henry goes to a highly prestigious school called Reardon, and on the school parent committee, Grace Fraser has a very special status owing to the fact that her father Franklin Renner, played by Mr. Sutherland, is a major donor of the school. However, Grace still doesn’t take advantage of her position and finds her identity in her own profession.

The Upper East Sider Couple Gets Into Trouble

Their life seems absolutely perfect without any obvious problems, and everything seems ideal about them when one day a woman named Elena Alvis, played by Matilda Angelis, from the Reardon school is murdered after her absurd and rude confrontation with the couple.

Later the police find out that Jonathan was involved with the woman and that he had an affair with her. Grace can’t believe that being a therapist she could never read her husband. However, she seeks help for him when he’s in trouble being investigated and seems to be overlooking what he has done.

Red Velvet Coat

This super-luxe coat worn by Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser is the best outfit you can wear this winter, and it will suit all the very exciting festivals that come in the winter season like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The coat is red in color and it’s simply a very pretty and elegant outfit. It is one of the most highly rated coats in the drama series.

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Brown Soothing Texture Coat

This is another lovely coat from the drama series The Undoing. The coat exquisitely stitched and has a very soft and soothing texture. It goes with everything, from jeans to party dresses. It’s something that you could wear at the Christmas party, at a wedding or even a formal gathering in your office.

The coat is burgundy or red color and is made of wool fabric, with an inner viscose lining to it. The collar is notched and the closure is belted with a buckle. The cuffs are open hem and the coat is a mix of red and brown color.

Velvet Textured Green Coat

This is perhaps the most talked-about coat in the whole of this super hit drama series The Undoing. The coat is another Nicole Kidman outfit that’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning to look at. It’s safe to say that this now the symbol of The Undoing.

The coat is made of velvet fabric, and there is a viscose lining to it. The viscose lining keeps the coat warm and comfortable. The collar is notched with a hood attached to it. The closure is buttoned and the cuffs are open hem. The color is a lovely, beautiful green.

Top-Notch Cape Coat

This cape coat worn by Nicole Kidman is an example of sartorial elegance and perfection. The coat is worn in a scene when Nicole is with Hugh Grant, who’s wearing a black tie suit.

This floral poncho is made of top quality wool blend material. There is a layer of an inner viscose lining in the coat which makes it much comfortable and easy to wear. The collar is stand-up styled and the closure is open front with a hook fastener. The color is grey with floral prints.

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Floral Coat

Nicole has worn this awesome and so subtly exquisite coat in the undoing as Grace Fraser while taking a walk with her husband, her son, and father on her side.

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Grace Sachs Coat

This is going to be the perfect outfit for you if you’re looking for something casual as well as elegant to wear. This Nicole Kidman trench coat is worn by Kidman while taking a walk in one of the scenes in The Undoing.

The coat made of a high-quality wool blend and has a soft viscose lining on the inside which gives the coat a very comfortable and relaxing texture.

The coat is a cotton and wool fabric blend, and the collar is lapel-styled whereas the closure is belted. The cuffs are styled open hem and the color of this exquisite celerity outfit

The Undoing Puffer Coat

This is a very soft and lightweight coat worn by Nicole Kidman in The Undoing. The coat is elegant and stylish and it’s simply a perfect thing for a winter festival like Christmas or New Year. The uniqueness of the coat is that it is very light and soft but is actually very warm and fit for winters.

The puffer coat is made of parachute fabric and has a viscose lining to it. The viscose gives the coat a very warm and comfy texture. The collar is hooded, and the closure is buttoned and zippered.

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So, What Happens In The Drama Ahead

Where Nicole Kidman The Undoing coats are making news these days, the story of the drama is also being thoroughly discussed.

The police are suspecting the couple for the mysterious murder but there’s no physical or obvious evidence which could show the couple, or Jonathan himself, has actually committed the crime.

Apart from that, Grace is discovering strange and new things about her husband Jonathan Fraser, whose personality now seems to be a very tough, stone-hearted, and conflicting one, as Grace discovers that he once neglected to watch his four-year-old sister in his childhood who died due to his negligence.

Stay connected to the series as the drama unravels further, and meanwhile, update your wardrobe by ordering your favorite Nicole Kidman Outfits