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We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all of our services. We fulfill personal shopping-related goals by making sure that our products and services are provided and designed for your convenience under the supervision of our talented teams. To keep a strong bond with our customers, we have written some terms of using our website.

We request our customers to please read these terms and conditions carefully before starting to use our site to keep updated and satisfied with our services.


At, we do accept payment via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If you make a payment for your order on our website, you are asked to provide the card number information which will submit directly to our payment provider via a secured connection. Your credit card details will be protected.


We provide fast and reliable shipping service and process your order in no time. Our shipping service provider will ship your parcel to the doorstep without any inconvenience. We offer shipping all over the world, on all orders charge shipping charges. In case if you need it urgently, we offer flat shipping which costs $50


It takes almost 14 to 18 business days after you place an order on our website, however, the custom-made order may take more time. Trending Jackets serves your order using our indigenous delivery service which utterly delivers in the respective given time.


Our prices are based on the fine material, our designer efforts, and stitching. The prices mentioned on the products may tend to change without any notice. Our website contains a large number of products so it may be possible that prices can be incorrectly placed. When discovered, the errors will be corrected.

Return and/or Exchange

Our return and exchange policy will let our customers know how easy our process is. Our team is effectively manages everything to satisfy our customers. We request our customers to perform a complete inspection of the product (leather jacket or coat) before requesting us to return and/or exchange and must complain a file within 48 hrs. The defective orders must be sent back within 30 days of receiving parcel.

User & Account

All the registered members are responsible to obey the guidelines and maintain their accounts’ confidentiality. User registration is prohibited for all minors who are under the age of 18. To use this site, the parental limitation and their control on the children is required.

Personal Information

For some services, Trending Jackets requires your personal information which is kept secure in our database. The information required is name, contact, postal address, and transaction details at the time of order. We have integrated security protocols to protect the personal information of our customers from illegal parties.