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Squid Game Series
Squid Game Series

Squid Game; the Korean web series, streamed on Netflix, has become one of the most liked seasons to be watched this October.

It sounds like a homage to those underwater creatures who are captured in unending debt crisis, struggling to survive. Actually, it is a sugar-coated depiction of contestants who play a game in order to struggle while following the rules, where a minor change can forfeit their lives. On the hand the contestants who survive the rounds are provided with a handsome reward in terms of cash prize, on the stake of their blood and emotional stability.

It is a jarring and disturbing portrayal of individuals seeking hard luck existences across Seoul; South Korea. The whole scenario is viewed by the lens of hosts and VIPs who’re the ones investing into this horror adventure and scraping by.Squid Game Merchandise Sang-Gi-Hun is an average, middle-aged guy who’s in a serious need of some cash or a miracle as he looks down for his daughter, whom he might not see again, or his mother who is forced to take care of him as he was a child.Therefore, when given the opportunity to play children’s games for astronomical sum of money, Gi-Hun couldn’t refuse neither the 455 participants accompanying him through these six sets of rounds. All of them were whisked in middle of nowhere under the surveillance of masked guards and everyone suited in t-shirts and trousers. Each one of them wanted their problems to disappear but on what cost? THE PAINFUL DEATH!

The first round consisted of “Red light, green light” as the child-joy game, but an inch of motion could result in a swift gunshot which gifted them death while they stand.This poured a horrifying situation into the atmosphere. But more terrifying was the willingness of participants to continue this game rather than going back to their worthless lives sunk in debts. Hence, this concept leans on to all the nine episodes.

Gi-Hun had some sort of selfish existence, but he explored more selfishness and toughness in all the rounds. Each one of them staked else’s lives just to win that handsome sum of prize. The greatest strength of this series is the weaving web of each character in the continuing episode, which makes the viewers tangled to this series with each hour. The North Korean defector Sae-byeuk is one of the toughest females of the game who seems rough on the outside but occasionally reveals the gentle side too.

Sang-woo is another intriguing character who has stolen money from his clients so far that he puts his mother’s business on the line. The truest intentions of these players remain obfuscated in time and time again which keeps the audiences attached to each of these players individually. But knowing that the character could end at any moment is quite emotionally challenging.

Squid game moves at a breakneck keeping you at the edge of the seat as plot thickens and body count climbs from game to game. Although the characters are shot between the eyes flinching and piling them up, but it’s not the characters that are dying but how they’re eliminated makes you sit and pay attention. Second game involves crafting image from the honeycomb by using anything from the disposal even by licking it up to make the job easier.

Although, all the violence and multiple thoughtful moments, the juxtaposition of innocence of childhood against the harsh world are all forced to endure. Questions arise about the masked characters and the “front-man ” who have been the mysterious ones and how does this benefit them to perform this job, answers come in due time. You might be frantically scrambling the play button to see what’s next. However, each of the episodes concludes on the answers in an upright manner. By the end you’ll see hundreds of deaths and gallons of blood, but people like you and me have chosen one path forward forgiving no matter what it takes.Squid Game Merchandise

Squid game is one of the most exciting series of Netflix which wipes up childhood joys with the brutal realism of adulthood and everyday challenges of living. It’s a white Knuckle thriller and episodic drama with a sickly pastel veneer. Probably it’s one of the unique things you’ll watch this year or maybe ever. We will definitely stay tuned for the next season with the loophole left in the last episode.