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The Lupin Series
The Lupin Series

So what’s Lupin and why’s everyone so crazy about it? That must be a question lingering on your mind too. A lot of people, particularly drama fans are jumping on the bandwagon and watching Lupin, which is a French drama. Some people are just watching it out of curiosity while others are watching it just because they have heard about it. Before you read further let me tell you there’ll be some spoilers on the drama ahead!Lupin Outfits

What Are We Gonna Talk About?

In this blog I am going to let you know what exactly the drama series is about, and why it’s in the air at the moment. Well, firstly let’s talk about who made it and who directed it, and that stuff, because that matters to all those who not only watch dramas but read, or more precisely, study them.

The drama series Lupin comes from France and it belongs to the genre of mystery, thriller, and suspense, and streaming television series. The drama is created by George Kay and Francois Uzan, who are both great French TV producers and drama makers. The drama premiered on Netflix in January 2021.

The drama has run quite successfully for one season with 5 gripping and memorable episodes, and fans all over the world expect another season on the series obviously. So, who produced this amazing series?

The drama serial is produced by three top French drama producers and directors namely Isabelle Degeorges, Nathan Franck, and Martin Jaubert, all of whom invested not only their money but also their heart and soul in it.

Lupin Has A Classic Touch, No Doubt!

The drama series Lupin has an interesting theme no doubt, and it presents a story that is a bit similar to the classics like Robin Hood and Assane because the drama revolves around a thief who steals from the rich and only robs the ones who can afford to be robbed. Isn’t that amazing, something new among the current drama scripts?

The story is inspired by a series of short stories and novels composed a century back between 1905 and 1941 by the top-class French novelist and writer Maurice Leblanc. The story follows a highly skilled professional thief and robber AssaneDiop, played by Omar Sy, a French actor and comedian. He’s is the only son of a migrant to France.

His father came to France in the hopes of a better life and for a better future for his children. Well, the script turns into a tragedy when Assane’s father, BabakarDiop, hangs himself in a prison cell.

What? But, why? Ha, ok keep reading. Assange didn’t grow up to be a thief from his upbringing or childhood, it was the circumstances that led him to become a thief, and which is why he’s not a conventional thief. When he was a child his father was accused of robbery by his employer where his father worked at a low post.

Serving An Unfair Sentence: The Biggest Tragedy

It was his wealthy and powerful boss who framed his father for theft and being a poor citizen and an immigrant Babakar was given a sentence as he couldn’t defend himself by hiring a weighty lawyer. His father out of utter shame and disgust took his own life in his prison cell by hanging himself.

This got imprinted in Assane’s head. How come the poor can be accused of just any crime and have they got no right to prove themselves innocent?

After leaving the orphanage, 25 years later, he sets out to get his revenge, and kill the perpetrator who destroyed his family and prompted his father’s suicide. He was reading the book gentlemen thief and was very much inspired by the character ArseneLupin which his father had given him before committing suicide.

He knew his father wanted him to avenge what happened to him and his family.

Assane Gets His Revenge…

Assane goes and attempts to get his revenge on the Pellegrini family. He has become a clever and sharp-minded thief by now and knows how to outwit his victims. He doesn’t force himself on them but instead uses charisma, charm, mastery of thievery, and disguise to outfox the Pellegrini family and also exposes the heinous crimes of Hubert, his father’s corrupt boss.

Now you know what the movie is about and why there is so much craze about the film everywhere. The movie is not only a crime movie and there’s great romance in it too. The protagonist Assane has a very loving wife Claire, played by Ludivine Sagnier, who loves him despite whatever he does. The couple has a lovely baby, now 14 years old Raoul.

Will There Be Another Season?

The story ends with such an element of suspense that the next season is a must now, and after the fifth and the last episode, the fans are demanding another exciting season. So, fingers crossed, who knows the next season maybe just on the way.

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